About me

Welcome to my page. I am a pharmacist at a major retail chain. I have been practicing pharmacy for the past 18 years filling prescriptions, providing immunizations, providing great customer service, and building relationships with patients and the community. I have counseled many people in my years about many things – prescriptions, over-the-counter products, how to add credits to Tracfone -pretty much anything.

Why do I consider myself a Stand-Up pharmacist???? No, not because I’m hilarious. Even though at times I think I am. It’s because one, I work in retail. I do not ever sit down! And two, I consider myself an honest guy. Pharmacists have long been known to be one of the most trusted professionals around and I take great pride in providing the best service and providing the proper information to questions patients may have for me. I hope to continue helping people stay healthy for many years to come.